Sunday, November 12, 2006


Looks like I missed yesterday's post. And for all I didn't actually do much! Maybe I was distracted by my tulips...

We hosted gaming Friday night and Saturday morning, but the afternoon slot on Saturday ended up cancelled. Instead, we sucked Johnny into the Firefly universe! I like turning friends onto new cool stuff. I discovered I was missing episodes of Firefly, so today I went out and remedied this. Then I sat down to continue the Firefly marathon and stitch. (More on that in another post). I also include a bonus photo of Madison from Hallowe'en.


Anonymous said...

Why are your tulips coming up in November? *confused*

Oh, and Firefly has 14 episodes, although some folks count the 2-parter series opener as two episodes. The set is actually quite reasonable: $35.95 on amazon. Yay! to more Browncoats!

Heather said...

The tulips are confused too! It started to get cold so I put them in. It got below freezing. All is good. Then it got really warm again, and now the tulib bulbs think spring is here!
Brian and I are already big browncoats, we were just bringing another person into the fold... We started with the movie first though as I wasn't sure if he'd enjoy it, but he loved it. So now we're going to work our way through the series with him. I cheated and kept going after he went home and again on Sunday for stitching company :)