Thursday, November 09, 2006


So far today I've been poked, prodded, squished, stuck and x-rayed. Nothing big, nothing to worry about (actually, it was mostly just routine stuff). The x-rays were a further attempt to figure out what is going on with my back/ribs. The physio is going well, but there is a section of my back that just won't stay un-spasmed. But, on the positive side, I think I've finally beaten this bug I've had for the last 10 days. Of course, this is the day I finally managed to actually get to the Dr.'s... And with any luck I'll get all my work done for the week tomorrow and get Mr. Impatient off my back. I only had 2 phone calls and one lab visit from him today! (That I know of, I did sneak off for the Dr. appointment in the middle of the morning and sneak out early to go get the x-rays...) I don't think I'm going to get any stitching done tonight, because I'm finally feeling good enough to get on my new treadmill, but Christmas Elf is coming along really well and the backstitch on The Phoenix is coming!

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