Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pinch and a Punch

For the first of the month!

Stitching recap:
Finished Maiden panel of Fantasy Triptych
Finished stitching on Phoenix (working, sloooowwwllllyyy on backstitching)
Didn't work on Frog Prince
Did work a lot on travel/gaming snowman sampler
Got package sent to England (more details once it's received)

Goals for November:
Finish Phoenix (including all metallics and beads, yes, Joanna, there are both!)
Work on Frog Prince
Work on Chrismas Elf (my reward stitching for Phoenix's backstitching. The chart for the bs is separate from the regular pattern and horrible to try to work from. Every hour I do on Phoenix gets me an hour on CE)
Decide if I like linen enough to commit to doing a series of Mirabilia's patterns on linen. I generally really don't like how loose it is to work on. I did, however get several cashel linens in my Silkweaver trick or treat bag that look like I would have no problem working on them. I will post a photo sometime soon, but I got really lucky with it. I love all five of the fabrics I recieved!

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