Saturday, May 07, 2011

WTF? And garden update

First, the WTF? So... there I was driving to work yesterday morning, minding my own business, but running a little bit late. Traffic ahead of me came to a stop, and so did I. Unfortunately the guy behind me? Not so much! That'll teach me... I was rear-ended on the Long Island Expressway. I'll be okay (loads of soft tissue damage and accompanying soreness, but nothing major), but the sheriff thinks my car is likely to be a total write off. Poor car :( OTOH, cars can be replaced, and I'm a lot harder to do that with!

So, that kind of put a bit of a dent in my plans for today. I had planned to get the garden fully planted. But Brian came to my rescue and helped with most of it, and there are lots of photos below! Hopefully there will be some good eats here this year!

I recently bought an eye-fi card for my camera, and hope it will make posting photos a lot easier. For now I've started a picasa account (username heather.eberhardt) to which I can auto-upload photos. If I've done things right, the title of this post should take you there!