Friday, November 10, 2006

News both Good and Scary

Brian talked to a good friend today. Which was great, because I’d been thinking of him lately, and meaning to call him. I just hadn’t. No true reason other than procrastination. And I don’t know which of the several email addresses I have for him are the right one. And given that most of them end in .mil , I didn’t want to get the wrong one. He’s a good friend we met through gaming. He’s happy and healthy and enjoying life. He’s heading to a gaming con this weekend in North Carolina. I wish I could go. He’s also a Marine. And he ships back to Iraq in about a month. I’m so thankful that Brian called him today, so he knows we’re thinking of him. I could never do what he does. I’m terrified for him. But I’m intensely proud of him for doing it. He’d hang his head and go humble if he heard me say it, but it’s true. He’d chosen the Marines as a career before 9/11. He’s been over there for several tours already. I *think* this’ll be number four. He says “it’s just what I do”. But it is much more than that. He has some very strong views on the war in Iraq. And about Bush. When asked on a security questionaire if he’d ever done anything in an attempt to overthrow the government, he answered “Yes, I voted”. Yet he goes. He *volunteers* to go back. And works hard. To protect the others. To try to stay safe himself. And most of all, to help.
Help make life better.
Help the other soldiers he’s deployed with, and for the ‘regular’ people over there.
Help people who don’t all want his help. Some do. Some don’t. He helps them all.

So Thank you Thorin. Know you have our support. You and everyone else over there.

Oh, and Plan A is to not die. There had better not be a Plan B.

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Anonymous said...

Give him some thanks from us. And I LOVE his security answer. :)