Tuesday, November 07, 2006

If I had a million dollars...

I'd go see BNL again in a heartbeat! The concert last night rocked. We had so much fun. I'm employing the thumper rule on the opening band, but in their defense, it had to be hard for them. I don't think the main level was more than 15% full when they went on. And at Radio City, that's a lot of empty seats! They started the show off on a great number, played for two hours solid, did two encores (including a fabulous "Tomorrow" from Annie) and brought the house down. We headed out and, with a little help, made the earlier train home! As a result, I was a good girl and went to work today, much to my wishes otherwise.
I've survived my day, but all I want to do now is collapse. And numnuts at work bugging me, at lunch time, about his samples and why wasn't I done them yet nearly got an earful! I was good, and polite, but did, in no uncertain terms, inform him that he should be grateful I was there working on his stuff at all!

Transportation things learned:
The 4:15 train has a LONG wait at Jamaica. Switch to the express once you get there!
It's a nice quick walk up to Radio City, not bad at all. And it would make a great way to burn off energy after the concert, if there wasn't a train to catch

If you get into a cab late at night in Manhattan and tell the cabbie you're trying to make a train at Penn Station, make sure you:
a) buckle up
b) hold on tight
c) tip the cabbie well when he gets you there with five minutes to spare!

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