Friday, December 21, 2007

Welcome Andrew Neil!

Born to my "little" brother John and girlfriend Kim at 6:50 this
morning, 9 pounds, 15.5 ounces! Mom had a hard labour but is
recovering and Andrew is doing great. Photos once I get some!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yet another YouTube video

No big updates here, I've been sick and am slowly getting back on my feet.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Did I mention it snowed this morning?

And since I have a new camera, I've been playing around with it of late. This is called "So Hungry!" ...

Playing with macro focussing...

And depth of field...

I had to include a photo of Brian!

And what photo roundup would be complete without photos of Percy?

And cheating to create a vignette look with a macro lens. Really, just playing around!

Finally, my mini-happy dance! I finished the middle section of TW's Fantasy Triptych this morning. Now I'm trying to distract myself from it so I put it away and work on more of my obligation stitching. I still owe for two babies (with number three coming any day now) and a wedding...

What we've been up to...

Other than dealing with a personal emergency (everyone will be fine in the long run, it's just going to take time), and work being crazy, and trying to meet deadlines, and helping organize for a convention, and stitching, and making almost 100 hand made cards, and playing with and learning about my new camera...
Not much!
Life's been insanely swamped (even for us) and is throwing us some curve balls, bringing stuff back from the past we thought long dealt with. But we're surviving and December is upon us. My first package for my advent exchange arrived (Thanks Heather!) and we even had snow today. Just a little, and it's supposed to turn to rain later, but it's snow for now! And thus, as Brian proclaimed (correctly) it is now allowed to be my birthday later this week. I hope to get some photos posted later, but my new card reader for the new camera doesn't seem to want to work. I've got a big stitching update!