Monday, February 27, 2006

We're everywhere!

Even the New York Times!
This is the group we normally play with when we go into the city to game. I know all the guys in the photo and think it's a riot that they're in the NYT. Sam is awesome, and I love that he's getting to play now instead of eating all the mods. Someday I hope to get to actually play at a table with him. He's one of the best DM's I've ever had, but if he pulls out a battlemat (the grid on the table), look out! And while there are many ways I might describe Neutral Ground, "parlor" is NOT one of them! The place is a giant, loud, bare room. And I also have to disagree with the comment "(Women are a clear minority in almost all serious gaming circles.)" I think we're almost completely absent in casual gaming environments and only a minority (but a much larger percentage) in "serious gaming circles". Those of us who do play, tend to play lots. I know almost 10 women within a 2 hour drive of me that play almost weekly. That might not sound like a lot, but trust me, it is! I even have other female regular blog readers who game. Hi Joanna!
Now I need to sleep...

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Anonymous said...

Ok, that article is cool. I've heard of Netural Ground, but haven't been there. The idea of a big room for gaming doesn't appeal to me; it's why I don't usually play at 'cons. I much prefer my gaming to be part social event, a get together with friends as well as a game. Also, "casual games" (aka con-style games) tend to be shorter, with more emphasis on combat and simpler goals. I suspect that the average female player is slightly more interested in plot and character development, although hack & slash certainly has its place. :)