Thursday, February 23, 2006

OMG... I just hurt myself laughing!

I finally broke down and bought an membership. It's a website/service that deals in audiobooks, which I've been addicted to since working at the library in highschool. We love choosing ones for our drives home, it's a really neat way to pass the time. And with well over 30 hours of driving over the Christmas holidays (before snow delays), we've got the time! I've been eyeing one for several years now, and I finally broke down. I'll be getting a new iPod out of the deal too, but I'm waiting for the new product announcement on Tuesday before I order one. =) So, for our first book, we chose a collection of celebrity interviews done specifically for . Hermmm, that's not normally Heather's thing, you're thinking. That's true. ;) But these were done by Robin Williams. So far I'm almost through his interview with Whoopi Goldberg. I've had to stop it several times to catch my breath from laughing too hard. Especially the part where she makes Robin Williams choke. Now that's a comedy accomplishment! It was well worth it. This interview was taped just after she finished her one woman show on Broadway, tickets to which were Brian's Christmas present last year. It was neat hearing her talk about it. Apparently she must have been having a great time with us. We certainly were having a great time with her. She says the show's length would vary tremendously from night tonight depending on how the audience was reacting. Some nights they only got 40-50 minutes. We got just over two hours! The only thing I'm not happy about with is that the deciding factor for me was that they had the Lord of the Rings full trilogy, unabridged when I checked the site about a week or so ago. I figured the membership would be worth its cost just for that. Today, I get it set up, search for Lord of the Rings, and come up empty for the books! They'd better be back!
Off to more listening, Billy Crystal's up next!

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