Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Weekend Update... Now new and improved on Tuesdays!

Weight lost: 1 lb gained :( I'm blaming hormones.
Miles walked: 8.5 (almost made goal!)
Days on-diet: none, but I started back today...

Since I've had a couple of questions, here goes: the miles are mostly on a treadmill at the Y, but sometimes outdoors/shopping. I love the treadmills at the Y because they've each got individual TV's with headphone jacks, so if I can find something interesting on, I'm much more likely to actually do a decent distance. I also love the cross-country program on the one set of treadmills, but that 10% incline is a killer! I've come a long way from when I was happy just to do one mile, to where I can easily do 3.5 (with brain stimulation) and feel like I haven't done much. I've also been including miles done on the rowing machine now that I can slowly start that up again since my back is (mostly) healed. Only a half mile this week, but it was a start! I'm mostly doing okay at staying roughly on diet when not logging it, but I think the incentive of logging will help, so back to it I am. I've set myself a fairly easy goal (1lb/week) and we'll see how I go. I'm perfectly okay with it if I get "ahead" of plan!

To the other Heather, welcome! I gasped out loud in horror reading about your HAED piece. Even Brian (DH) knew what that must have involved! It looks like thankfully you weren't that far along with it, but still! I've started the Titania quickstitch from them and love it so far. Look for an update soon! Thank you so much for actually commenting.

There was an unexpected death last week in the stitching blogger's community. I've read the person's blog for months now and never left a comment to let her know I was enjoying it. It makes me sad to know she doesn't know how many she affected. My heart goes to her husband and family.

If you (or any other UK readers) want me to make any other purchases here in the US for you, let me know. I know how expensive it is in England. I couldn't believe what it cost me even for just the three skeins I needed of DMC when I was a student at U of Bath in 1999. Bet you didn't know that about me!

We had a blast going to Jersey on Sunday. I was a very good girl and only bought three patterns, and I think Jen came away with 5. I've hooked her on the TW concept. She's got the fabric to start Romeo and Juliet, and I can't wait. I think it'll be spectacular. I bought: Bestitched's Medieval Miniature #2, TW's Peacock (and Unicorn) Petite (as prelude to doing the full peacock tapestry!) and an absolutely adorable one called "You can't spank Grandma". It's very samplerish and says "Many a child is spoiled because you can't spank Grandma" . Brian and I couldn't resist it. I stuck to my promise and only bought patterns, no fabrics or anything! Aren't you proud of me? I also sorted out all the framing for Queen Anne's Lace for when she is done. Yes, you read that right, I've pulled her back out. I'm so close to finishing her after all these years, and I just want a quick finish for myself. Photos to come in the big "UFO update" post I'm working on. I just have to photograph them all first! I also picked up the special adaptors for my floor frame so I can use Q-snaps in it, and I am a much happier camper. Tonight Brian's got his writing class, and I'm going to veg out in front of the TV with about two weeks worth of General Hospital on my DVR. It's so sad I'm back to watching it, but only during stitching time, and I still keep the remote close so I can skip the irritating characters!

To family members reading this, leave me comments so I know you're out there! I know Janet said she's read it, so someone is! I originally started this blog so you'd have a better idea what's going on with us down here. Same thing for anyone else out there...

Oh, and one last funny thing...

You Are Scooter

Brainy and knowledgable, you are the perfect sidekick.
You're always willing to lend a helping hand.
In any big event or party, you're the one who keeps things going.
"15 seconds to showtime!"


Anonymous said...

Hmm...I have one of Bewitched's medieval patterns. Really tiny, looks almost like a Russian style?

You did good! :)

Anonymous said...

hey you, iread your blogs ( when i have time , but you know my chaotic life) anyways love you, bonnie