Wednesday, March 01, 2006

February Recap

Stitching Recap:
Okay, so this blog is supposed to have more stitching content, here's an update (without photos, sorry). Jess was over last night for a stitch-a-thon, and we had fun. Hopefully Jen can come for the next one. She went out with her Joey last night, the nerve! Happy Anniversary to Jen and Joe! I'm really suffering from start-itis right now and want to work on a bunch of different projects.
Queen Anne's Lace is probaly past the 90% completed stage. All that's left is all the confetti stitching in the last background section, probably about 2500 stitches total. Being that it's all confetti stitching though, it's really slow to do. And the beads, but they have to wait until the rest is finished.
Secret Project: I started a secret project this last week. I'll give percent updates, but no other info (and no photos) until it's done! So there!
The Phoenix: No work
Butterfly Song: 3 more bands complete and half of a 4th. Go me!
Titania QS: I actually worked on this while frustrated with all the confetti stitching in QAL. Except it didn't help much since it's pretty much all confetti stitching too! I put in about 10 thread lengths worth. She's starting to get a shoulder.

Weight loss recap:
Weight lost: gained 1.5 lbs I'm okay with this. I know what I am doing wrong, and I did consciously indulge a *little* this month. Now it's back to the grind.
Miles covered: 52 (Way above target! I'm now in the barrow downs, with the wights. Scary place, I think I'll have to get out of here in a hurry!)

March goals:
Finish Secret project
Finish current row on Butterfly song and 3 more rows
Finish Queen Anne's Lace
(Hey, I might as well be ambitious! We'll be away for two weekends of the month and mostly for a third, so I likely won't make it, but I can try!)
Lose 3 lbs
Walk 40 miles

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Sounds like you have a busy month ahead of you Heather.