Saturday, February 25, 2006

Somethings are just too cool!

Like seeing your friend's name up on for her upcoming book! We went into NYC tonight for NYComicCon, mostly for the SciFi network event. (Which in the end we skipped most of). We met up with our friend Helen and had a great dinner first, then hit the show floor. It quickly became apparent to Helen that no, Brian wasn't just going to have "a quick wander", so we left him behind and made our way through the show. Two rows later for us, and he was still at the booth where we'd left him :) . The one booth Helen wanted to stop at was DelRay's as her editor was supposed to be there. He was, and he even had with him the latest batch of the artwork proofs that had only been received today. It's a really cool thing to be at a show like this looking at art proofs for a book you've been hearing about for months. She had a hard slog to get it done and turned in on time, but she made it. And this morning someone told her it was already listed on Amazon. So, of course, I had to check. And it is! (Click the title of this post if you want to see it). I wouldn't expect a photo of the cover anytime soon as it was decided earlier today with LucasFilm to redo the cover artwork as they weren't happy with the first set. But now I know it'll be out in October, and I'll be preordering it. She'd just better not make me pay to get it autographed! ;P
It's after 1am and I'm beat, so I'm off to bed, I just wanted to post this while thinking of it.

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