Tuesday, February 07, 2006

WIP Roundup...

As promised...

HAED's Titania Quickstitch

Snowman in the Middle (gaming stitching piece)

Butterfly Song (my first piece with silks and a BUNCH of new stitches)

Dracolair's The Phoenix

MLI's Queen Anne's Lace


Unknown said...

WOW you have some great WIP's. I love the Butterfly Song piece.

Heather said...

Thanks! I loved the colours in the silk floss, and mostly bought it for that. It's an interesting challenge in learning as it uses new (to me) flosses (silks and perle cottons) and a whole whack of new stitches. I'm loving working on it, but it also has to be kept clean, so it limits my time available to work on it.

Anonymous said...

I should do something like that. Of course, then I'd have to FIND some of the projects. I think I've got 4 WiPs right now.

Anyway, I love the colors of butterfly song, and Queen Anne's lace is going to be gorgeous when it's done.

Titania doesn't look like much right now. :)

And I can't figure out how you game & stitch. I had to stop bc I wasn't focusing enough on the game itself.

Heather said...

Hi Joanna,
Fine, I hereby challenge you to do a roundup! I figured it might put it more in perspective for me. The Titania one is just the black for half of it so far, but to me I can see the silhouette of Titania's face. It helps when you know the pattern. :) I'm really looking forward to finishing her, but it's been a while since I worked on anything that small (25 count, I think...). As for stitching and gaming, you'll notice that the pattern has a series of blocks to the border. They're all five by five and easy to do without thought. I have to put it aside for combats, and always double and triple check before starting the next one! If I'm starting to tune out, Brian will nudge me back on task... It's been interesting trying to stay focused lately with the back drugs! No stitching and gaming for me lately.