Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year's Everyone!

We had a great trip home, and got to see most of the people we wanted to. Not all, but most. The driving was fine, except for the last leg from Syracuse to home where we had snow the entire way. So we just took it easy and didn't worry about it. Had a quiet weekend (with gaming, of course...) and today I'm back at work. While we were home I managed to lock up my back and neck, but I've seen the doctor about it already today (so there Becky!) and Brian's off to the pharmacy with some new prescriptions for me. Here's hoping they work! I'll post more about our trip home soon.

I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions, but I thought if I actually typed some of them out, it might help encourage me.

Plans for the New Year:
Finish the Phoenix cross-stitch (and don't buy any more projects for myself until I finish 4 more from my stash!)
Lose 30 more pounds (or more if I'm doing really well!)
Have Elizabeth and Morley choose their cross-stitch and make a good start on it.
Walk atleast 365 miles, with no cheating and using bike miles to inflate it if I get behind! That's only 2 hours/week at the Y on my favourite cross-country program.
Help kick Brian's butt into gear for coming to work out with me.
Be able to do a full half hour on the rowing machine with tension!
Take atleast two small, relaxing mini-vacations.
Get our Permanent Residency.
Get a new job.
Be happy in my life, and satisfied with the choices we have made together.

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