Sunday, January 22, 2006

We had an uninvited little visitor this week...

Who made life interesting. He was in the kitchen cupboards when we came home from work on Thursday night. Life is never dull here, I'll say that. We knew they were up in the attic (we can hear them now and then) and they have an exterminator come every so often to get rid of them. This enterprising little guy had managed over time to claw through the drywall in the kitchen to get into the cupboards. It's always an interesting night when you open up the cupboard to see that! He was escorted out that night after discovering our maintenance man is an absolute wuss (and squeaks like a mouse). In the end it was Brian who caught him, using my cake carrier, no less! They're coming to finalize the patching and replace the cupboards themselves tomorrow. They're also paying to replace what we're throwing out, so it's all okay in the end. The kitchen's had a serious cleaning with bleach and we're fine.

Weekly Recap:
Weight lost: 2lbs
Miles walked: zero, my back is mostly better, but I don't want to aggravate it again. I'm waiting for next week to go back to the Y to work out. I've been doing gentle stretching and light yoga in the meantime.
Staying on diet: Not so good. Tomorrow is another day though to start again.

We had our immigration physicals this week (Thursday, in fact), and they went fine. We've been immunized, poked, prodded and checked, and they say we can stay. Other than the fact that they cost 3 times as much as we'd planned, it was all good. The plans for the freezer purchase will just have to wait. This was much more important to our lives. Hopefully the old one will last until we can afford to replace it.

Nothing much else exciting to say about our week. We went shopping today to get replacements for some of the kitchen stuff, and them spent the afternoon relaxing. Well, I did at least and spent it stitching on the Phoenix. I PROMISE a photo soon, but it's all safely packed away for the night now. And I'm *this* close to finishing the head, so I'll photograph it then. I have to be carefull and pack it up once I'm done with it since it is not washable. Brian spent the afternoon doing laundry, which he claims is relaxing. Sometimes I just don't know about him.

We spent Saturday gaming and had a blast as usual. Helen turned in her book to Random House this week, so she was able to come out and play too. It was great to see her again! Brian's going away on a "guy's weekend" next weekend to a small con near Albany. It'll be a neat thing for both of us. We haven't deliberately spent a weekend apart since we moved to the US. I haven't had a weekend to myself in at least 6 years! He's taking a rental car, so I won't be stuck in the apartment all weekend, and I can't wait. The weekend after that is my LNS in Jersey's annual Superbowl Sunday Sale, so I'll be going for that as a day trip on the Sunday. Good thing as I know I'm going to need some Kreiniks fairly soon on the Phoenix. And Brian will get his Mastori's too.

PS If you don't already know what our visitor was, click on the title...


The Oriental Express said...

Hi Heather,

This is Choo Choo from Singapore.
Enjoyed your blog. You seem to have a vibrant and colorful personality .... like me.

Ever been to my country before?

Cheers. Gong xi fa cai. This is the chinese way of wishing you a happy and prosperous new year. Our lunar new year falls on the 28th of January.

Unknown said...

Ah, I love squirrels, but it can't be nice having one in your home.