Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Adding more goals

Finally finish Queen Anne's Lace. She's been unfinished for more than four years now! I've done her on a completely different fabric and think she looks way better than she does in the designer's photo. There's probably only 5 more days of full work on her left. I may work on her on and off, or I may wait until the Phoenix is done. Again I've changed the fabric on this one to a slightly mottled yellow one. Unfortunately, this means the piece can't be washed, so... I'll have to keep my eyes out for a travel project. I picked one up with Becky, but now I'm thinking I should have something smaller as my travel project. I have too many on the go that are not washable! But I love the effects of the silks and the hand-dyed fibers.

I'm increasing my mileage goal for the year. I want to make 10 miles/week of walking. That's only 3 one hour treadmill sessions at the Y. I just need to find times when I can devote 2 hours to working out three times/week. Our Y is awesome, but it's almost a half hour drive away. Fine in the evenings, but not so great for before/after work. There's an interesting class I'm going to try on Thursday night called Stretch and Roll. I'll go and report on how it went. I know I need to do more strengthening and stretching.

I'm also increasing my weight loss goal. I want to make 38 lbs lost by August. It's not unreasonable, and I was playing around with my diet software last night, and it should be easily done. Well, not easily, but you get my drift.

Work on strengthening my back/neck so I never have to go through this again. I managed to lock it up completely on our trip home. Poor Brian had to do all the driving from Sudbury all the way back here to Long Island. I got in to see the Dr. yesterday, and am now going to have a *fun* week at work. When all three prescriptions warn that they may cause drowsyness, and don't drive et cetera, you know I'm not getting anything coherent done at work this week! But, in the positive news, I managed to actually sleep for a total of 6 hours last night. That felt wonderful!

I'll post more as they come to me.

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