Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Photo Post

Lots and lots and lots of photos here folks!

I present: The Phoenix, as promised, and with lots of progress:

My one and only picture of Becky from our Christmas visit:

My dad, wearing my shirt that I love so much!

My oldest niece Madison. I'd include one of Natasha, but the only ones I took turned out horrid.

My dad in his new apron, which he forgot to use!

Brian (of course...)

Percy, relaxing as only a cat can. Note the careful use of the fold in the rug as a pillow...

The new Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Initial pose holding hands was accidental, but then we decided it explained a few things... Supposedly Jabba the Spud is up next. I can't wait.

Last but not least is Brian and David on our couch with David giving Percy the love he is divinely entitled to. Brian making a face as usual! :P


Anonymous said...

Ooh, Phoenix is purty!

Heather said...

Hi Joanna,
Glad you like it. For all I hate the pattern itself, it's certainly stitching up quickly. So far at least, but I admit the much more complicated bits still to be done.
PS I've been reading waiterrant for a while and like his sense of humour. I'd love to know which restaurant it was, just to go eat there once. With my luck though, it'd be his night off...