Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weekly Recap

Miles walked: 7
Miles Biked: 4.5
Days off work: 1.5
Apparently a half hour on the recumbent bike wasn't such a good idea.
Weight lost: Gained 3 lbs!!! WTF? I'm up 4 lbs from yesterday! {shrug} Today was the weigh-in for the National Body Challenge for the Discovery Channel, so at least it will help make me look better at the end!
Fitness videos purchased: 2, one of T'ai Chi which I've always wanted to try and one that is stretching and toning based. I know I need to do more to build up muscle tone, especially in my upper body. Can you say I never want back problems like this again?
Cross-stitch accomplished: Several hours while home from work, not stoned on muscle relaxants and waiting for the next dose. I'm really happy with my progress on The Phoenix and promise to post a photo soon. And Wednesday night Jess is coming over so I can addict her too. {Evil grin} I've chosen several simpler, smaller pieces for her to choose from, and I can't wait. Superbowl Sunday is my cross-stitch store in NJ's annual sale/trunk show and Jen and I are going. I can't wait. I forsee several project finishes this year, it'll be a nice switch!
Gaming: I actually managed to play in both slots yesterday and had a great time. Even more rarely, so did Brian. My dragon disciple Tervagant died, but I'm actually perfectly okay with how it happened. I don't want to post spoilers, but it was fair. Crits happen. I think Derick feels guilty, but I don't. She's at that really awkward stage in her progress where she hasn't come fully into her own yet and needs a few more levels to do it. I got to play Pin for the later mod though and had an absolute blast. All puns intended. We were a bad party mix (according to the "experts") who pretty much walked all over everything... well... except the dread wraithes. But we survived and dealt with them too!
Dinner's ready!

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xxx said...

And speaking of gaming, thanks to you and Brian for sending up Bomber Man. Jan's been trying to get back into the game, and once she's comfortable I'm going to have to sit down with her and kick her @$$.

(Yeah, right. *lol*)