Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Okay, so I'm a geek!

Our hard drive died on the laptop, and they replaced it very nicely free of charge.  I've just installed the latest Mac OS, and man is it cool!  They have all these neat things called widgets that are "instant on" and have been developed to let you do common tasks quickly and easily.  For instance, I clicked once and up popped this window to make this post!  I'm having a lot of fun looking through all the ones available, but I do need to remember that they do use a small amount of memory so I don't want to get three million of them.  So far I'm using the Blogger one (which just resized as my post got longer), Soduku (which could be evil), Gmail (which is awesome) as well as having the calender, calculater, iTunes and weather ones.  I'm geeking out!
Thanks Mikey!

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xxx said...

Yes, do watch your memory if you get too many (or too large) widgets running. But, they are cool, aren't they?

A few of the ones I've got on my desktop...
CardBoard (solitaire)
I Love Lamp (a lava lamp!)

Okay, so I've actually got about 10 more on my dashboard, but most of them are references, currency converters, system monitors, or tools for doing web programming...

Heather, be sure to check out Apple's download page ( as well as