Thursday, March 30, 2006

It’s Done! It’s Done!

The last of the paperwork finally arrived for our Permanent Residency applications. We got everything together last night, did all the copying and photographs. The bundle is almost an inch thick! I brought it all in to work this morning, being really thrilled with myself, and ready to go hyper, only to discover that our HR rep. isn’t here today. C’est la vie! I’ve spoken to her though so she will send it out ASAP tomorrow morning by FedEx to the lawyers. It turned out to be a good thing I reviewed all the paperwork one last time last night though. Our current visas expire on May 1st. So we’ve also emailed the lawyer about how we should handle that. Worst comes to worst, we’ll make a quick weekend run back home and do the TN visas again for a year. We’ve been assured (and we all know what that’s worth) that actually getting the permanent residency should take well less than a year. Wohoo! I’m absolutely thrilled about it. I think Brian’s still a little stunned we’re finally at this point. Or it could be just that he’s actually going to be able to go to work again! (Evil Grin) In other positive news, the lawsuit my company has been fighting wrapped up earlier this week, and while a decision isn’t expected until June, from all accounts it went squarely our way. Now I just need to have our stock price shoot up and I’ll sell off all those options! And Mikey got his cast off! And I have a happy, healthy new nephew! I'm full of good news today!

Bouncing back to work….

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