Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What a Weekend and Month!

After spending the last three weekends in Conneticut for ConnCon stuff, this weekend we stayed home.  Well... sort of.  This past weekend was I-Con 25 at Stonybrook University.  Brian was sick as a dog and decided to skip it this year (and was probably very wise to do so).  He spent most of the weekend sleeping and is starting to feel better.
Joanna, Jon, Neal and Tina were all up from New Jersey for their annual pilgrimage.   I got to see them at varying points over the weekend, and had a great dinner with them (and Bruce and ?Amanda? I'm horrible at names) at John Harvard's on Sunday night.  Much talking and joking around ensued.
This was the first year I did any of the panels.  It was really interesting.  Unfortunately, one guest I was really interested in skipped a bunch of his panels, but they were still interesting!  I met a number of authors I read regularly and some I'll have to pick up.  I did discover that it is possible to really like an author's work, but absolutely dislike him in person!  I also managed to meet Spider Robinson, and got a great autograph in my copy of "Lady Slings the Booze" for my dad's 60th birthday this year.  I also got a cute one for me since I was wearing my "Canadian girls kick ass" t-shirt.   
I brought my stitching for the panels.  I finished off the majority of the stitching on one of the birth announcements and started the second on Saturday.  Unfortunately, I started out in the wrong part and decided to put it aside until I could check it out at home.  Turns out it was okay, but I didn't get back to it until last night.  On Sunday, I took my newest WIP, the Frog Prince quickstitch from HAED.  This would be the one I had a lot of problems with last week. I tried to link to it directly, but there's no direct link. Click the title and scroll down to see Frog Prince. It's just different from most of what's out there, and I thought it was cute. I don't like a lot of HAED's designs, they're not to my taste, but some of the absolutely are to my taste. Once I pulled out the birth announcement last night, I discovered it was saveable so I got it mostly done last night. I should finish it at tonight's stitch'n'bitch. I'm so loving having that to look forward to!
Gotta run!

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Anonymous said...

Ooh! They've added a lot more of the QS patterns since I looked last. I think I have hobby budget money left over from ICON, too....

And yes, you have Amanda's name right. :) She's "Manna" on my blog & her hubby is "Starhawk" or "da PEF".

Who didn't show up that you wanted to see at the panels?