Monday, January 08, 2007

Nudge accepted! :)

Okay, so I really suck sometimes about updating this blog. Thanks for the nudge Heather. I've been meaning to, but I just never seem to get to it. Our Christmas vacation was very busy, and quite short. We had three days home in Cambridge and then two in Sudbury. We saw all the family. 'Nuff said for now. We did get to meet my "little" brother's girlfriend's family, at his invitation. Which he regretted... it was great! Hey John, is that lawnchair falling? I was sick before we left to go home with some sort of sore throat/laryngitis/sinus bug. Then, on Christmas Eve, I picked up quite a nasty stomach bug. Needless to say, I wasn't feeling up to much. I still haven't thrown the throat/sinus/lungs bug, so I'm off to the Dr's tomorrow if she'll have me. We came home in time for New Year's, which was spent quietly just the two of us relaxing. We needed it. We'd spent the last 5 weekends out of state or out of country. I really need to learn how to slow down sometimes in life and not accept so many obligations.
On the stitching front, below is the current photo of Frog Prince. I finished the backstitching on Phoenix finally on Saturday, but Blogger doesn't want to let me add another photo so I'll have to do that as a separate post.
I have lots more, but an even bigger desire for sleep....zzzzzzzzzzzzz......

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