Thursday, January 11, 2007


A certain author needs to be chastised.
How *dare* he end a book in the middle of a battle, where you know you only know half the strategy and you know he's got tricks up his sleeve.

And I was in bed early to finish the book and relax and hopefully get to sleep early.
So much for that. The (mostly) good news for me is that the next book comes out in April (I'd received this paperback for Christmas, thanks Mo!). And if I really want to yell at him, he'll be in the city on the 24th. I think I might just have to go...




Unknown said...

What book was that Heather?

Nikki said...

Yes, I want to know the book too please.

...and I'm just curious....what do you do with all your wonderful creations once you are finished with them?

Heather said...

Sorry to leave you hanging there girls. It was meant as a general GRRR, not a diatribe against the author himself (whose writing I quite like). The book was Against the Tide by John Ringo. And I'll let him live because the first few chapters of the sequel are available as a preview from Baen's website..

Heather said...

Usually I frame them and hang them on the wall. I haven't framed any of 2006's finishes since A) it costs a small fortune and B) I'm running out of wall space. I've got a few smaller projects in mind that I'll likely be finishing in other methods (Cube-its coming!), and I want to make Flosstitute into a soft wall hanging so I can hang it at work.

Ian Argent said...

I have all of that series as e-books from baen. I'm reasonably sure I even have license to distribute (for free) as ISTR they came on a CD in the latest book.

Drop me or Joanna a line if you want a copy. (Buy the book, as well - Ringo is a damn fine author)