Friday, October 27, 2006


I've been RAK'd! Heather in England sent me a gorgeous stitching magazine (with a project I'm itching to start...) and some wonderful chocolate. Including the new mint Cadbury bars. Yum! Thank you so much Heather for sending me such a wonderful surprise! It really brightened my day.

In other news, my treadmill was delivered yesterday! I've been wanting to buy one since before we moved into this apartment, so I'm happy to finally have it. Here's to a big increase in my mileage! On the Walk to Rivendell front, I really need to update my ticker. I made it to Rivendell (458 miles) on Tuesday morning! Now I'm headed out again on the next portion of the journey, and should see much quicker progress now that I can get some in in the mornings before work.

We have no special plans for this weekend. I still want to get out on a good leaf walk, but we're running out of time on that. There is a furious wind storm expected here all weekend (gusts up to 60 mph (95 km/h)) and I suspect by the time it's done late Sunday there might not be that many beautiful leaves left. We had planned to do it last weekend, but went to the corn maze instead. And had so much fun doing it that I won't mind too badly if we don't make a leaf walk this year. I might invite the regular group to come over for a game night and home made lasagna Saturday night, or I might just decide to have a quiet weekend in with Brian. I've certainly got lots of stitching to work on, and need to break in the new treadmill.

On the stitching front, I've been a bad girl. A very bad girl. I think I might have to go "on the wagon". I couldn't resist buying one of the fabrics at Stab and Stash and have a project in mind for it. I also broke down and purchased one from Silkweaver. As it turns out I didn't remotely like the colour when it arrived, so I went to their website to see what would have to be done to return it (if possible). Great, easy return instructions! And they've got Hallowe'en trick-or-treat bags. So I broke down and bought one. I'll have 5 random hand dyed fabrics coming my way shortly. I can't wait to see what I've got! Add to that that I broke down and bought Mirabilia's Autumn in my Garden when I had to call CrossStitch Unlimited for the Kreiniks for Phoenix, and, well... I've been a very bad girl. But in my own defense, I've still managed to remain not signed up to Silkweaver's "Fabric of the Month" club! That's something, isn't it?

And the best news of all is something I haven't really mentioned much about on my blog. My sister has spent the last three years in an UGLY custody battle, which is now settled. In Bonnie's words "I got everything I wanted and then some". I am so happy for her now that this is fully done. No more appeals, no more attempts to change the agreement. Go Bonnie and Madison!


Anonymous said...

LOL. That Fabric of the month has tempted me a time or two. Thankfully, I finally decided that if I stick to collecting patterns, I'm happy - and slightly less poor. :)

Unknown said...

You're very welcome Heather.

Big congratulations to your sister & niece, with all that out the way, it must be a big relief for them.