Sunday, October 15, 2006

Playtests are fun

especially when they involve some interesting moral decisions for the players, but when they make Sam take 4 hrs to run a mod, wow!  I'm looking forward to the mod coming out and seeing other's reactions to it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  
And I threw 41 pennies at Helen!  {giggle, giggle}  She ordered something online for me and their tax estimater was off by a bit, so when she emailed me to let me know, she said I owed her 41 cents and she wanted it all in bright shiny new pennies.  The best part was her laugh when she finally realized why I was throwing pennies at her.  She's had a very bad week and it was good to see her just release some of it by laughing like that.
Nothing exciting planned for today.  Jen's coming over with her computer for us to attempt to de-virus (have I mentioned I love my macs?), then we're going to go out for a nice walk to see the fall leaves.

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Anonymous said...

Ooh..moral decisions. We had one of those last night. What do you do with 2 brothers when you've just killed their other 2 brothers? I was really hoping the neutral fighter would toss them in the slime pit for us, but she didn't, and we ended up turning them over the guard. Of course, we had to cough up 10g for the guard to overlook our looting, but such is the life in Sharn. :)

DH, the GM, was rubbing his hands in evil glee: now he has another set of potential recurring villians. *rolls eyes*