Thursday, October 19, 2006

Quick Photo Update

I finally got a photo of the finished first panel of Fantasy Triptych uploaded! She's now been put away until I finish Phoenix, and I should have a significant update photo on that soon. I've ordered the last of the specialties I need for it, and will be finished the majority of the regular stitching this weekend ('though I'm not sure about all those feathers!).

My Percy before he went to the groomers last week...

And after...

And this time he was used as a "training cat". I know the poor cat has to be "not quite right" to have lived happily with us for all these years, but the dude is so okay with being shaved he is now being used for training! Percy-dude, have some cat dignity!


Anonymous said...

Wow! FT looks great!

And I'd say "poor Percy" but he actually looks a bit happier in the second pic. :)

Measi said...

OOOhhh... great work on FT! I have that in my stash for a later date. I'm stunned at how HEAVY that storage container is with all of the threads. :)

Thanks for stopping by my T13 a couple weeks ago. My new one's up.

Anonymous said...

I love how cats curl up and sort of fit their noses into a notch under their arm to make a neat little kitty donut!

I dont think I can make SnB tonight though :( I have brother duty since my parents are out of town.