Monday, October 23, 2006

Corn Mazes rock!

On the recommendation of a friend, we went out and toured a corn maze yesterday afternoon. (Thanks Matt!) It was an absolute blast, and a great way to spend a fall afternoon. If there's one near you I whole heartedly recommend it. Ours was in a two acre corn field and had a really cool setup. The maze itself was designed to look like a three masted schooner from above, and you had to find 9 mailboxes while going through the maze to get your map to get out of the maze. Along the way there were a lot of dead ends, and a bunch of them had clues to a crossword puzzle. The crossword puzzle in turn had a bunch of shaded letters that were a word jumble for the final clue for how to get out of the maze. The weather was beautiful (cool enough that you wanted a jacket, but not cold) and the sky was mostly cloudy, so I'm hoping some of the photos turned out as cool as they looked when I took them.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for looking at the scarves Heather. I do have some purples and pinks, not knitted up, but I'll get them photographed and you can choose which one you want and I'm happy to make it up for you.