Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vacation Update!

Your Pirate Name Is...

Black Princess of the Reine

Yep, Brian and I went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie today. We thoroughly enjoyed it, and I didn't have great expectations, so that's saying something. Unlike poor Karistan, we didn't have to deal with a bunch of irritating teenagers misbehaving. Only one person with a T-Mobile phone (gotta love that distinctive ring...) who got roundly yelled at by the person they were with!

Okay, so I owe a huge update. Photos are coming (and will likely be a separate post). We just got back from vacation! We went home over the combined long Canada Day/Independance Day weekend. Just a short visit, but good to see family none the same. Here's the short version: Saw Superman Returns Wednesday night after work. Loved it! Left work after lunch on Thursday to start our drive. Had a LOT of problems with traffic/construction delays. Finally made it to Syracuse in about 9 hours (with good luck, it only takes five). Got up in the morning and drove the rest of the way. There was a birthday party for my brother on Friday and we spent most of the evening with my family. Went and (mostly) installed the air conditioner at Bonnie's so we wouldn't melt! (Unlike some of Madison's paintings!) Saturday morning I got up early and went down to the Farmer's Market and surprised Brian with a wonderful breakfast of fresh
fruits and vegetables, followed by a nice long morning visit with Brian's grandma. We watched the parade on Saturday and had dinner with my brother and Kim, followed up with fireworks. Sunday morning we drove to Drumbo to see Tony & Angela's new place, made a quick Costco stop for chocolate, followed by going to Elizabeth and Morley's for the afternoon, a great BBQ, and fun evening. Brian went to breakfast with his mom on Monday morning while I got the stuff picked up and packed up. We stopped at my parents on the way out of town and got to say a quick hello to my Uncle Rob as he had arrived for his holidays. Bonnie and Madison arrived back from camping as well, and I got attacked by the kiss monster before we hit the road! We made it back to Syracuse on Monday night, hit our favourite restaurant for dinner, and finally got to bed at a decent hour. Drove back the rest of the way on Tuesday, and arrived in time for a late dinner. We decided not to go out for more fireworks as we were both tired and looking forward to a night in our own bed! Wednesday was spent doing laundry and running errands. Joe and Jen came over for dinner and a movie (and thanks for looking after Percy). They brought Cheaper by the Dozen 2, and we all enjoyed it!
Thursday morning we got up and headed out for Connecticut for Connecticon. On the way, we made an incredible discovery... a Tim Hortons! We had to hop off the highway and make a stop. Brian got coffee and we both got donuts, and grabbed TimBits. Brian liked the coffee, but we both found the donuts a big disappointment. But, we did find a Timmys! Next stop was a cool little museum where they found a full set of hundreds of dinosaur tracks in the rocks. Just a little stop of an hour or so, but it was really neat! We arrived at the hotel in late afternoon, and decided to try a neat sounding restaurant in downtown Hartford. Then we discovered how horrible the directions were and managed not to get totally lost and eventually find the restaurant. Dinner was *great*! Friday morning the con started, and, well, it was a con! Connecticon is a large SciFi/Gaming/Anime convention. Lots of ... "interesting" costumes, and lots of teenagers. The gaming went really well, and I had a blast running the intros for most of the weekend. We got several books, and a whole lot of minis. Drove back Sunday night and arrived home just before midnight.

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