Friday, July 14, 2006

Lets See if I can make Blogger Choke

By uploading too many photos!

This was absolutely a sign of the times for us. It took us about an hour of crawling along to *get* to the sign...

Did I mention we had some rain to deal with in the drive?

But it was better for us than for the flooded areas we drove through. Here you can see the flood waters almost completely up the on-ramp at one of the really pretty park/rest areas on our drive. Scary!

John's Birthday cake, with candles help from Madison.

Yummy! Fresh toes!

Attack of the Kiss Monster!

Happiness is... sitting on the kitchen floor in mom's lap with a cookie for each hand!

A Pegamoose, just for JenJen.

A photo of MillRace Park, where Brian proposed to me all those years ago. Next month will be our 11th wedding anniversary!

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