Monday, May 22, 2006


Happy Victoria Day to my Canadian readers. Victoria Day usually marks the first long weekend of summer. It's when you get the garden planted, fire up the BBQ, and open up the cottage if you're lucky enough.

I miss Sudbury very much. I know this. There are aspects I don't miss, and this is true of anywhere I've lived. But one of the things I generally miss is the winters. Not the extremes (like -105F/-75C windchills!), but the general snow and winter time and the fun involved. I love cross-country skiing (when my knees will allow) and skating. But some things I just don't miss.

Like the fact they had snow yesterday....
Welcome to summer in Sudbury!

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Jan said...

Find comfort (?) in knowing that it snowed briefly here, too, on Sunday!

Happy 2-4.

Dang it's cold!! Up to 26 next weekend, apparently. Have a good week!