Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Love a Long Weekend!

I decided I liked the following concept: Work 4 days, have 4 days off, work 3 days, have 3 days off. What's not to like? So I took last Friday off to combine with the Memorial Day long weekend here in the US. I've got a three day work week and then my first summer hours Friday off this coming Friday. I feel like such a slacker. And I love it!

Friday was mostly spent lazing around our place and relaxing. Picked up movie tickets in the afternoon and did a little shopping, but that's about it. We went with John, Jen and David to see X-Men 3 at a late show (10:30pm, so I'm getting old, but that's late for me!). It was fun, but not a "great movie". Just a fun action picture. Nothing special, but not horrible. Didn't get home and to bed until after 1:30. Ugh. I'm so not up for late nights anymore. Might have something to do with being up at 6:30am now for work. :)

Spencer, our downstairs neighbour, decided to start his usual Saturday morning pounding musicfest at 6:55am. On a SATURDAY!! I just can't comprehend this. As a result, I was up for the day, and then tired for the rest of it. Jen had lived her whole life here on Long Island without going to Roosevelt Fields Mall. This is the largest mall here on LI (which is saying something), and not something that we could allow to continue! Laurie and I took Jen and fixed this on Saturday morning. We had a blast with a girls day out shopping. I came home in the early afternoon with the intention of having a quick nap before the rest of the day, but David was already there and he and Brian were watching a movie, so I joined in on that. We were having a BBQ later in the day, and ended up with John, Jen, Laurie, Eric and David there (and I have a real feeling I've forgotten someone). John was nice enough to bring his Nintendo DS with him for me to try, and all four of the games that have me drooling. You'd think the boy has an idea what I like! I'm sold, but I'll wait until the new DS Lite comes out in June. This was all as prelude to the main plan for the night. Bonnie, I hope you're sitting down… Your big sister went out to a bar! Yes! Shocking, but true! For the first time since before I got married! More than 10 years ago! Poor John couldn't come with us though, he's still only 20 for a few more months. It was so odd when I realized that was why he wasn't coming with us all. Between the drinking age being higher here, and John being mature for his age, we just don't think of it. Jen is friends with a band that was playing at a local bar (starting at 11pm, ouch) and we all went as a group and had fun. The band was pretty good, the place was bouncing and we all had a good time. David, Brian and I left at about 2:30 and it was still going strong. Apparently, last call here is 3:45am! I so could NOT handle trying to make it for that… But we had a lot of fun! I hereby voluntarily join the old-foogies club.

Sunday we slept in until about 10am, followed by a trip to IKEA to replace the cushion on our Poang chair. We've talked about getting a new one for a while, and having a full glass of soda spilled on it Saturday night was the final nail. We've washed the cover on the old one and are holding onto it for now. Not much else accomplished beyond that. I had intended to do a bunch of stitching since we've bought several new DVD's lately, but knew I was waayyy too tired to try to stitch on Flosstitute. I'd end up spending longer unstitching what I'd done!

Monday (Memorial Day) we had planned to go to the park again for a picnic. Mother Nature just didn't want to co-operate with us. It was almost 90 degrees out, plus humidity. And this park is known for the local tick population. I picked on up last time we were there and didn't find it until the next day. Ugh! So, I'm not willing to go there unless I'm in full pants etc. We waited until about 5pm to go for our picnic, and had fun. Spent some time just enjoying the light on the waves and watching the water. David came over after and we watched one of my favourite movies from the 80's "Real Genius". I LOVE that movie. Mmmm… popcorn is calling me….

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