Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Breaking the rules on dinner conversation topics...

Admiral Pooper Scooper, on his blog (click the title) said;
"This is Jesus’ teaching as I understand it: to love and treat others as myself; that in the eyes of God we are all equal; and not to fault others until I am myself faultless. He tells me to do the best I can, and it is really hard sometimes, but I try to spread this “good news”, this Gospel, by my words, deeds, and actions—by example, rather than by big mouth."

Hear, hear! For me, my faith is an intensely personal and private thing. I wasn't raised in any one particular branch of the Christian faith, but to attempt to embody the best aspects of many. Values like compassion, honesty, love and charity should be universal. I don't profess to have a full or complete knowledge of most of the world's religions, and am interested in learning more abut many of them. But from what I do know, these seem to be central values to all.

I have seen some incredible hyprocrasy in my life from people professing they are only doing what their religion calls for them to do. I have been blessed to know some incredible people, doing absolutely what their religion's beliefs call for, with more compassion, love and duty than you can imagine, and seen them excoriated by members of their own church.

To the hypocrites, I hope you find you way to being a happy, loving person, capable of being the person you believe yourself to be. To the good, I say the world needs more like you, and I try to live up to the example you have set.

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Charlie said...

Thank you, Heather. I agree 100% with what you said. I didn't mention this in my post because it would have seemed like ranting, but for me the term "Holy War" is the saddest oxymoron ever devised.