Monday, April 17, 2006


I know, I know, the blog’s been getting heavy on fun stuff and light on content. Life gets hectic!

The head of HR has now “rescheduled” my meeting twice. We’ll see if I actually get to see her before she has the baby. She’s very pregnant. We know nothing new on that front, and thus have no news to share. Nothing on the semi-active job hunt either. I’m not really working on it yet though.

We went out walking yesterday at Heckscher State Park. The weather was gorgeous, warm and sunny. I enjoyed it so much we went ahead and bought an annual State Parks pass. Now we can just zip through the lines and not pay each time! Unfortunately it was soooo bright that none of my digital photos turned out. They’re all massively over-exposed. I think I have probably outgrown this little digital camera, but we have so many other priorities for our money it’ll probably be a while before I get a new one. It’s (mostly) done well by us though for being over three years old.

There are now two tickers at the top. They don’t have any “easy update” ability (I have to go create/copy/paste new code into the blog template each time I want to update them) so they’re not always going to be exact, but they should be close. If anyone knows of any that are easier, please leave me a message in the comments! The weight loss one in particular I’m looking at to help encourage me and see how far I’ve come. I’ve updated it to show how much I’ve lost since I first started this journey. By the time I’m done, I’ll have lost a whole (small) person! I find that motivation is getting to be really a problem right now. I’ve got a friend who had gastric bypass surgery in January and is doing great. But he’s already lost more weight than I have since I started. I KNOW surgery isn’t the right choice for me, and I know my way means I’ll keep it off in the long run. I wish him nothing but the best on his own efforts. It’s just a little jealousy that he seems to be doing it “the easy way”. I know it isn’t, and that the reaction isn’t rational, but it’s a feeling. Feelings don’t have to listen to my brain. Add to that that I’ve irritated the arthritis in my knees with the rowing last week (but it felt soo good at the time!) and it’s getting hard to want to move. When standing up from sitting hurts, it’s discouraging. I’m hoping the weather will stay nice so I can go walk at the parks more. HSP is really close to home and has miles of paths, so keep your fingers crossed for me. I also wouldn’t have to change clothes for it either like I do for the Y, so I’m going to throw a pair of runners in the trunk of the car. I love all the improvements in myself overall, it’s just very hard sometimes to go when you know you’re going to end up in pain for your efforts.

Monthly Goals:

Last months goals accomplished:

Finished secret project
Walked >40 miles
Lost 2 lbs (and dealt with massive normally-overeating-inducing stresses)

Goals for April (even if we’re half way through…)

Finish Queen Anne’s Lace
Work on Butterfly Song
Work on HAED Frog Prince (10 hrs?)
Walk 40 miles
Lose 3 lbs
Try not to kill Brian as he goes through his annual April freakout…
Don’t buy too much at Reba’s store this coming Saturday.

Current state of stitching:

Queen Anne’s Lace: I’m getting so close to finishing this one. If we hadn’t gone to the park, I probably could have finished all the stitching on her then. Maybe by the end of Tuesday’s SnB! Then will come the beading, but it shouldn’t be too bad. I just can’t see framing her right now though. I’ll be really proud and glad when she’s finished, but she’s just not my taste anymore.

Baby Announcements: I have two that have all the main stitching complete. I need to graph out and then stitch the names then add the buttons.

Butterfly Song: Coming along. I got to work on it a little two Saturdays ago. Got those three lines for March done!

The Phoenix: No work done, but going to become my main “travel” project once QAL is done.

Frog Prince: Coming along quite nicely, even if what’s done is only a section of wall and thus doesn’t look like much. Will become main home project once QAL is done.

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Anonymous said...

You've lost over 75 pounds? Heather, that's AMAZING! All I know is -- the last time I saw you I thought you looked gorgeous! Seriously. This way is better in my opinion. It's a struggle, one that I share believe it or not. I'll be thinking of you at 4:30 tomorrow morning when I, too, start another day vowing to stay off the junk food. Damn that sugar! Just don't give up, work through the tough times, allow yourself the overindulgence and keep on goin'. I work with a girl who has almost obtained her Certified Personal Trainer Certificate. She motivates me as much as she can. Too bad the bitch is a size 1-2. Just know we're all in it together, sizes 2+ Good luck!