Thursday, April 20, 2006

Random Things

Seen on Long Island Roads this week:
(and only so far this week)

Another stupid truck with those dangly blue balls. And fake bullet hole decals. It's okay dude, we know you've got problems. You don't need to overcompensate this badly...

Someone turning left while waiting at a red light. No particular reason other than he couldn't be bothered to wait the last 30 seconds for the light to change to us.

Idiot on a bike deciding to ride perpendicularly to 6 active lanes of traffic.

A school bus driver flipping me off because I honked when she tried to hit me by turning right into my lane, not hers (two parallel turn lanes). I called the company to complain, but because there were no kids on the bus, they didn't care. Did I mention that there was a full width shoulder for her if she needed more room?

A school bus driver crawling up my rear and honking because, heaven forbid, I actually obey the 20 mph speed limit in front of the highschool. Couldn't call the company to complain because he was so close in the rear view that I couldn't even see what company he was, let alone a bus number.

An idiot super agressively passing me in said school zone because I was just waaaayyy too slow for him and wouldn't speed up when he leaned on the horn. And zipping between lanes to pass several others approaching the highway. The best part though was getting up to the lights at the highway just as he tries to signal to get into my left turn lane... behind me.

I can't wait to move to somewhere where they know how to drive!

P.S. Just so you don't think all school bus drivers here suck, I have seen many, many good drivers. We live between a large high school and an elementary school. We see them all the time and for the most part they're good.

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Unknown said...

The American idiots are worse than the British ones, but the UK comes a close second.