Sunday, April 05, 2009

Quiet Sunday

Brian has his first day off in two weeks. He's just finished his six week stint of training staff for two new restaurant openings. So we're having a quiet day and it's wonderful. We went out and dealt with some bank stuff, shopped for BBQ's (looking for recommendations on gas ones <$250) for Brian's birthday, grabbed groceries and necessities and had lunch out. We're home now and watching today's Formula One race. Taking it easy and not even making Brian get a start on his honey do list. The sun is shining and it's gorgeous out. I even let Percy go out for the first time on his new harness. He didn't fight too badly getting into the harness, but he's going to require a lot of supervision. Idiot still tried to choke himself with it.

Yesterday was spent with Michelle and Dina. Michelle is going to be moving in the next month (or so) so we finally got her to come out and see the various apartment/townhouse options in the area here. She found one that's fabulous and I expect she'll take it Monday morning. We spent hours just being girls, hanging out and gabbing. It was so much fun. Next weekend we'll have Ruth and Dave and their 7 month old Ben coming to stay with us and I'm really excited about it. We had a great time with them last year, so we're planning a BBQ again this year. (And that's why I'm looking to buy Brian's present early.)

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