Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Photo Explosion...

This is my gateleg table out in the snow at the new place.
And this was taken before the snow finished falling...

This is a shot of the desk in my new craft room!

And since I now have a craft room, I'm actually (sometimes) making time to stitch! This is a shot of Fantasy Triptych. Colours are horribly washed out, but you get the idea... If I actually make time to stitch this weekend, I think I'll have everything done up to the bottom of the knight's feet...

A photo for Randi and certain other gamers (inside joke...).
Does that reindeer look scared to you?

As promised, this is the photo of my favourite Valentine's Day gift ever.
Even if I bought it for myself! :)
I've been doing my laundry in a laundromat since I was a teenager, so this is proving to be a huge luxury to me.

And finally, I met Bully!

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Bev said...

a craft room!! i amso jealous i am lucky to get a shelf in my house lol