Monday, March 09, 2009

Isn't there supposed to be an upside to behaving like an adult?

I got up early and went into work early so I could leave *on time* for
a date with hubby to go to the movies.
There was a bad crash on the LIE that closed three lanes.
I got home too late for the date...
(But in a count my blessings way, I did get home safe and sound!)

I was good and did three hours of housework this evening.
Unpacked a lot of boxes, vacuumed both floors, made a great, healthy
dinner *and* did two loads of laundry.
I wanted chocolate so I pulled open the chocolate drawer in the
fridge, and then spent 20 minutes organizing it better without
actually eating any actual chocolate (or other treats).
Then cut my leg pretty significantly while trying to load the dishwasher.
(Don't ask, just remember, I *am* that klutzy...)

We decided to do the financially responsible thing and skip several
events that have non-minor costs involved this year.
And a whole lot that do have minor costs.
I'm okay with that decision, and know it's the right one.
Even if I've just discovered that great friends we never see are going
to be at one of them.
But we're trying to do the right thing.
With all the cutting back, saving and Brian working extra hours, we've
paid off over $3000 on the credit card so far this year.
The credit card company just cut our limit by $2850
(And WTF $2850? Could it have been a more random amount?)

To end on a positive note, here are three things that make me happy:
1) Spring bulbs lead to fabulous flowers (one splurge before the
responsible gene kicked in, I've got 75 Stargazer Lily bulbs coming my
way, they shipped over the weekend! Wohoo!)
2) Reconnecting with old friends through the wonders of the internet
3) My heating pad-adapted chair. After all the bending, stretching
and reaching, little feels as good as to curl up in my chair with the
heat on!


kate said...

Twenty minutes to reorganize your chocolate? The question begs to be asked, "How much do you have????"

kate said...

I think I'm jealous :)

Heather said...

Do you really want an answer to that mom? *GRIN*
When we come home, we stock up for ~6 months at a time.
My "veggie drawer" in the fridge is filled with assorted chocolate treats, and that doesn't include the costco cases of Cadbury thins in the cabinet... At this point though, most of what's left in the fridge is Brian's. Only the mini-aero bars are mine.