Thursday, June 18, 2009

Checking in

No, we haven't fallen off the face of the planet.  We're still alive and kicking.  Our health is overall good, and we're both still employed.
I've just not particularly been in the blogging mood, and I need to get back to it.
We've been up to loads, and I keep thinking I need to post about X,Y,Z and all the other things, but then I feel guilty for not posting about A,B and C.  So I'm just going to give up and start from here...
Weight loss is going well, I'm down 8 lbs.
Summer isn't really summer yet.  We've not broken 80F/26C yet this month.  And it's rained every day but one.*  So much for global warming! :)  They've also changed how our summer hours work at work, and they're not nearly as useful/worthwhile to me any more.  I now work an extra hour Mon-Thurs and only work a half day Friday.  By the time I'm done running errands on the way home, I'm still stuck in Friday afternoon traffic!  (*For reference, by mid June in an average year we'd have had 4 days with temps above 95F/35C, and we've already received double the monthly average rainfall.)
I'm going back to school this fall.  I'm excited but a bit scared.  And man is it expensive here in the US.  I'm going to end up paying more for one course for one semester than I did for my first full year of tuition in Canada.  OUCH!  And because of that, we're not doing anything splurgy that wasn't already booked and paid for before this opportunity came about. 
Disney in September is still absolutely a go though!  It has been fully paid off for months, and all we'll need $$ wise is just pocket money.  All our travel/lodgings/food is already paid for!  I think excitement about this trip is all that keeps me at work some days.
We prevailed with the IRS.  Stupid #@$#%$# Scottrade had reported stuff wrongly for our 2007 taxes.  And apparently we were far from the only ones.  One big relief having that done.  We still haven't settled with the ex-landlords.  And at this point, I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it.  If I pursue it much further, they could come after us for the full amount of rent for the rest of the lease we cancelled.  And frankly, we don't have anything close to that amount of $$ available in the 1:1million chance they win.  But those who know me, know how well I do when there are strange odds about...  I also won with my employer on the contract issue.  Not sure I posted anything about that (and blogging about work is banned anyways), but they were trying to modify terms of something that had been in place since I joined the company.  Retroactively.  I don't think so...
So what's up with everyone else out there?
(Presuming anyone still reads this thing that is...)

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kate said...

Great to hear you're still alive and obviously kicking! Excellent news weight wise. Well done!
love ya