Monday, August 04, 2008

Things I've learned at my Microscopy conference so far:

Delta bites bigtime. They'll keep insisting you'll make your
connecting flight, even though that connecting flight has already left
where you were supposed to get on it...

Peacocks meow!


Ian Argent said...

The delta thing I've heard a lot of recently. The peacock thing wouldn't surprise me, they're decidedly strange birds.

BTW - 2.5 parking lot conversations, 1 stoplight conversation, and at least a half-a-dozen WTF!? expressions in traffic, just today :)

kate said...

Hope you've learned a bit more by now :)
The peacock meow is really interesting. We had a peacock wander out in front of us on Rosedale Road the other day. Maybe somebody is raising them???

Anonymous said...

Ah you have to love airlines!!!!!!!!!

Yeah peacocks to make a strange noise and they like ice cream.

Oh by the way, it's Heather. Can't use blogger anymore - talking about cross stitch is spam don't you know.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I can get the books for 99p each at the moment, picked up two, but I can't remember which 4 you have.

Karin said...

I have to laugh - we had our work offsite at the local zoo, and the peacocks there *demanded* attention too!