Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meet the new Xvart!

So, to explain, no we don't own two new cars. We're not that rich. :( Brian might be able to work legally at last, but he's not making that much. :)

I sold my bumblebee.

I know, I loved the car. I truly did. But I had a lot of problems with the dealership. Including one that could conceivably have lead to me suing the dealership. And the "service manager" getting pissy with me and hanging up on me because I wasn't happy with his "service" and called and made a complaint. Lets just say it was pretty ugly and to the point I didn't want to deal with them. And since smart is so new in the US, there are only 50 dealerships total to cover all of the US. But the car itself was great. And I had a friend who also loved them. And his local dealership was adding several thousands in dealer add ons... But his dealership is great. Wonderful even. So we made a deal.

He's happy and I'm happy. I'd have loved to have a smart. But I WON'T deal with the dealership.

So say hello to my new blue Elantra! To be rechristened Xvart the Second once I find out how to transfer the plates from the black Elantra. It's pretty, if anonymous, and it gets good gas mileage and will get me to and from work safely. AND it worked out to be significantly cheaper than my smart with the end of model year deals. I'm pleased with it!


Suz said...

Sorry! about your Smart Problem, but Hooray! for your new car (though I'm a little disappointed it's not a Toyota (I originally thought it was a corolla! LOL)

kate said...

I'm glad to hear you came up with an excellent solution to your problem....

Karin said...

Congrats on the new car!