Monday, June 16, 2008

Vignettes of a busy weekend

Saturday morning on the train:
An 8 year old girl and her dad were sitting behind me. Girl asks dad "But dad, when can I start to play Dungeons and Dragons? It looks like so much fun!" Guess who I spent my ride talking to. She was thrilled that I was actually going in to run a D&D adventure for a bunch of guys. "See dad, girls really can do anything!"

Saturday afternoon during the game:
We discovered that V has never seen a real James Bond movie! The adventure itself was a full on Bond hommage and a lot of fun. V will be coming over soon for a Bond day. Hrm, Roger Moore or Sean Connery first?

Saturday evening:
JenJen called while I was running the adventure. It was her birthday and they had tickets to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway. But Joey was sick and couldn't go. Was I interested in the other ticket and could I get into the city in time?

Sunday morning:
How many smartcar owners does it take to make a smart circle? Only one. The trick is getting all the others to listen to the one! The meetup was really neat, and there was a photographer there from National Geographic taking tons of photos. My bee could be in NatGeo!

Sunday evening:
Brian and I slowly discover we have joined the legions of the lobster people. Apparently 2.5 hours in the direct sunlight was too much, even through the SPF 50 sunscreen! Brian was also a little heatstroked, so we spent the evening taking care of him.


Anonymous said...

Cool story about the kid on the train. :)

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This is a great post, thanks for sharing it.