Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Take That!

There's a certain someone out there who complains about my cooking, and in particular that I use too much fat/oil/meat in my cooking and that it's going to kill Brian because heart problems run in his family. Me, personally, just with my cooking. There are three important facts to know here. First, the food I make when we have company over is very different from what we eat every night. It's a chance to splurge, to make something special. Secondly, yes, high cholesterol does run in Brian's family. We're watching it and taking appropriate measures. When he got his first high reading at his annual physical, we made a lot of changes to how we eat, started exercising more and paid attention. One year later, it'd gone up another 75 points. That's genetics. Not food. And thirdly, I donated blood last month. When you do, they test your cholesterol level and send you the results.

Total cholesterol: 169 mg/dL

Take that!

(For those who don't know, in order for you to have high cholesterol, you need to be over 240, and anything below 150 isn't healthy either as you're likely too low on the "good" cholesterol)

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Ouch...Heather is ticked...