Monday, August 20, 2007

One month from today

We'll be heading out to Disney!!!
I'm starting to get really excited about this trip, but I'm also trying not to so that I don't get over excited and then feel let down once we do get there. All the preplanning is going well with one exception. I still can't get reservations for the one restaurant I really want to go to. And I'm not trying to be picky. I'll take a reservation for *any* time I can get it. Apparently it gets fully booked within two days of reservations opening up most of the time. Even in low season. :(
But otherwise I'm really excited! We'll be seeing Mikey and Jan and their girls (and extended family) since they're going to be there the same time as we are. Shh... Jan had better leave a little extra room in her suitcase, I've got a surprise for them :)

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Jan said...

Ooh, ooh! Is it a puppy? *LOL*
We're SO excited, too. To which restaurant are you trying to secure reservations? I assume you've tried for each night you're there? We'll have to make arrangements on when to see you guys...
I've also considered that I may be let down considering that I'm RIDICULOUSLY excited! But, this is Disney so I don't think I could possibly be excited. Part of me wonders how/when they'll catch me off guard with something wonderful? I've even amused myself looking around for pictures of hidden Mickey's in the different parks. Gawd, I'm pathetic.
Looking forward to it...SO cool that everyone will be there. What a place to meet up, eh?