Friday, August 03, 2007

It's Friday afternoon and I've got nothing...

Not a lot happening for us right now that's blogworthy. I've been
busy with trying to keep the apartment and chores in check. I'm
trying to pull more of my own weight on the chores since Brian's
(hopefully, fingers crossed) going to finally be able to work by the
end of the year. There's no news, no news expected anytime soon, and
no receipt yet to start the countdown clock.
I've been doing some stitching, but not a lot. I'll try to post a
photo by Monday. I'm trying to be really good and keep with my
exercise plan, and by the time I've worked a full day, come home, had
dinner, caught up on chores and spent an hour on the treadmill, I
haven't got much energy left.
My garden is pathetic. I don't think I can really even call it a
garden. There's just the lilys, which are done flowering, the
columbine, also done flowering, and the catnip, which is now
flowering. Catnip flowers. Who knew? But let me tell you, my cat
sure does!
This weekend will be busy, but in a good way. Saturday we're going to
see Deirdre, Tom and their new son Ronan. Then off to Lynn & Ben's
for BBQ and games. Sunday Becky is coming over for dinner and more
board games. She moved to LI this Monday. Wohoo for that! Sunday is
also our wedding anniversary and we're choosing to spend it doing what
we love most. Having good friends over, good food, and fun times.
Then, Brian doesn't know it yet, but I've booked Monday off work,
using the last vacation day I was holding in reserve. We definately
will NOT be able to get home for the anniversary party for Brian's
parents, so I thought I'd use the day like this. No specific plans,
other than to relax. I think I'd really like to pull out my completed
quilt squares and see if I can finish the quilt top this weekend, but
I'm not sure if I'll bother. The heat and, more importantly, the
humidity are sucking all desire to do things out of me.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Heather Eberhardt

Poulet vous couchez avec moi? - Brad Sherwood

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