Friday, March 16, 2007

Wohoo! Two updates in under a week

Well, remember how last post I said I was busy? I should have known it would get busier! I had a call from my sister last night with a computer question. As we finished getting what she wanted fixed, she asked what I thought of mom's email. I'd taken the day off work sick (apparently I can't take Biaxin on an empty stomach anymore...) and mom had sent an email to my work account. So I called mom. Turns out she's bought a motorcycle on eBay (another one!) and they were going to be coming almost all the way here to pick it up and pay for it on Saturday. Since they're only going to be about 75 miles away, we'll be going to meet up with them after they arrive and pick up the motorcycle. So... my weekend now looks like this:
Morning: haircut, bake shortbread as promised for Deirdre's party
Afternoon: last minute shopping for our trip (note to self, grab Tums and Pepto...), dry run on the packing so I know how we stand
Evening: arrive Deirdre's party for ~1hr, leave to drive 1.5 hrs to meet up with my parents. Dinner with them and a short(ish) visit. Won't be getting home until LATE.
Catch the noon train to go into the city for the play and meeting afterwards with playwright and cast. Dinner with the group.* Come home and try not to die before going back to work Monday morning!

Phew! And it doesn't help that my insomnia is acting up and I've been up since 3:30... but at least my Formula One season has started again so I'm getting to watch the Friday practice (taped last night) as I write this! And I was good and went to bed too... the TV coverage was just starting at bed time and I went to bed instead of watching it.

* For those that are local: The play/meeting afterwards was organized by a group on called "Culture for the Uncultured". Basically it's for people (like us) who live in the NYC area, know there's all sorts of stuff to do but never find out in time/know how to find it. They organize events, publicized well in advance, and usually managing a group discount. This will be the first one we're actually making since joining the group, but there've been a number I'd like to do, and some recurring ones I've now marked to do on our own I found out about from the group. The scavenger hunt at the Met is deffinately on for next month!

And finally, shamelessly stolen from Heather's blog:

Your Leprechaun Name Is:

Weebit Forrekettle


Joanna said...

Hmm...that meetup sounds interesting. We should make more use of NYC, but we seem to have become homebodies lately.

Oh, and Biaxin is evil; it's the only antibiotic I've ever had HURT my stomach.

Heather said...

I've been really pleased with the variety of events planned, but this was the first one we actually booked. In the end we didn't go (but that's another post) so I can't confirm how neat it was, but I'm sure we'll do one of them someday!

Oh, and Biaxin is far from the most evil, unfortunately. I thankfully don't get the stomach pain, but I do get the 'chewing on a hunk of metal' every time it timereleases. And there's nothing to be done about that! I'm unfortunately severely limited in what antibiotics I can take due to drug allergies/bad reactions, so I make do. I can live with the Biaxin!