Monday, September 18, 2006

Yet another catch-up post

life still hasn't slowed down for us one bit. I have taken next weekend to stay at home and loaf around. Brian keeps trying to plan stuff for the weekend, but I'm putting my foot down! Photos will come, but not tonight.

We went down to NJ to the shore one a few weekends back to see our friends Bob and Sue and their family. We had a great time even if I forgot my camera. The shore was gorgeous and soothing. I think I might want to see about getting reservations at a B&B there for a weekend next summer. My back, however, was not up for it. Between the 6+ hr car drive (don't you love traffic!?!) and the strange bed, my back locked up pretty badly.

Labour Day weekend we were gaming all day Saturday and then on Monday Jeff was in to visit. He's Brian's best friend's older brother and someone I only knew a little bit back in Cambridge. We had a great day out though. We finally went and did the Staten Island ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. Then we took our time and walked back up town. I finally went to Ground Zero. For the longest time I just wasn't ready to go and see it. Brian still isn't and waited in a nearby park for us. Then we kept walking, straight up Broadway. It's really a neat way to see the city. We eventually gave into one person's tired feet and hailed a cab up the last 25 blocks to Time's Square. And it wasn't even my feet! I've gotten really god and enjoy walking so much now when I have good shoes. We had dinner at Bubba Gump's. Brian and I both love that place too much!

The weekend after that we went home to Canada for Tom and Teresa's wedding. We had an absolutely great time, the wedding went off with a hitch, and the day was wonderful. It was really neat to get to meet Tish's sons (and someday I'll have to learn to spell her name right). I haven't seen her since well before we left Sudbury. Brian was a big hit with the kids at the reception as usual! Tish wanted us to move home so he could be their babysitter!

Then this past weekend, we had a wonderful day on Saturday at Derek's place for his going away BBQ. He's moving to Arkansas and it should be good for him, but we'll all miss him. Brian and I finally got to play in "Derek's World". It certainly was a unique experience, and one I'd love to have again. Partway through the drive there our "check engine" light came on in the car. It was also on for the whole drive back from Westchester County. Because of this, we decided to cancel our plans on Sunday. We had planned to go to the Rennaissance Faire in South Jersey to see the jousting and it would have been a great day, the weather was lovely. We did go out to the grocery store in the afternoon, and on the way back (part way home), the light went out. It hasn't come back on with my drive to work today, so I have no idea what's going on with it. We'll have them take a look the next time it's in for regular service.

I finally got a little more stitching done on Sunday and would be stitching now, but I'm writing this instead! I NEED to make more time for myself to do my 'recharge' activities. I also need to get back into the Y habit. Hopefully now that it's fall and there are things slightly more interesting on the boob tube I'll find it less of a chore. I need to find something to keep my brain occupied while walking on the treadmill or I just won't do it. It's too easy to find excuses not to go.

Work has exploded in ways I can't talk about online, but lets just say that I'm working a lot of long hours at the microscope, which my back isn't liking, but physiotherapy is helping. It just takes more time out from what little "me' time I had.

Oh! And on a side note, I've passed 1000 visitors since I set up the tracker! Thanks folks! I never would have believed my ramblings would be of interest to anywhere this many people.

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