Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lots of stuff...

Cute Quiz...

What type of Fae are you?

Updated Stitching Photos:

Frog Prince before Wednesday night's stichalong:

Frog Prince after:

Fantasy Triptych update:

Monday night was a little interesting for us as evidenced by this photo:

We came home from the YMCA after our workout Monday night to find 5 police cars, an ambulance and the Crime Scene van parked in our corner of the lot. They were here for the apartment two down from us, but I still don't know why! And yes, it is killing me with curiosity. Especially since I saw an official vehicle with a Caduceus on it leaving at about 1am. The flashing lights stopped by about 3am, and I called in sick on Tuesday so I could sleep! We've seen the neighbours who live there since with no visible trauma, and I haven't had a chance to see our property manager to find out what happened! Maybe Saturday I'll go pay the rent in person.

And finally, a photo from Tom and Teresa's wedding...

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Anonymous said...

You got a lot done at your stitchalong. I always talk too much. :)