Sunday, June 11, 2006

Vacation Plans ???

So... we’re thinking about going home to Canada for the July 1st (Canada Day)/ July 4th (Independence Day) holiday. I get a five day weekend, and we’ve got no specific plans for it. Other than to relax. Summer’s an incredibly busy time for me at work. Apparently the FDA doesn’t believe in summer vacations =P . We’d REALLY like to get to meet our new nephew. And I’d really like to go home and see BJ. She’s got a rough patch coming up. Is anyone else actually going to be around that weekend?

PS: My favourite new phrase "evidence getter-ridder-ofers"
(Mobile shredding machines)


bonnie said...

hey, goog weekend to come home, I have Madi home that weekend, we had thoght about going camping but I don't think I will be well enough so we should be around, by the way she saw your pic on your blog and reight away said hey that's auntie heather!

Anonymous said...

We usually head to my FIL's in VA for July 4th.

And who would have believed the FDA doesn't like summer vacations? They're such fun-loving types. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes -- we'll be around. At least for part of the weekend. I'm sure the cottage will be involved, but you guys could always come to visit the in-laws there, too. Let us know!