Monday, March 07, 2005

Another Apartment!

Okay okay, so it’s been a while. What can I say? Well, first off, we’ve moved. The new place is bigger, closer to work and cheaper. Works for me! :) Does that excuse me for taking so long to post again? The best part is that I can come home for lunch again if I want to. I’ve missed that, I got absolutely spoiled with it while we were living in Queens. Brian does love to spoil me shamelessly. And I'm more than happy to accept it and luxuriate in it!
What about the new place you ask? The website for it is up above (click the post title) and you can see sort of what the exteriors are like. We’ve got one of the one bedroom units with the bumped out kitchen alcoves, so I’ve got lots of indoor places for plants. The view from the new place isn’t the nicest, and the area isn’t as nice, but for $250/month less, I can certainly live with it! It’s a small complex, and we like it. The layout works better for us, and especially for gaming. The guys were more than willing to help with moving once we told them they’d have more room for gaming! The bedroom is smaller, but that’s okay, the old one was huge, and I can certainly use the space more efficiently in other areas. The one odd thing is that there is no linen closet. Oh well, we’ve purchased a wardrobe-type unit to go in the bedroom that will work for that. Percy’s well adapted already, he’s used to moving with us. And the patio is HUGE. I can’t wait for BBQ season to start. We’ve had an actual, certifiable winter here this year. There has been snow on the ground continuously for 7 weeks now, and more forecasted for tomorrow.
Oh, and we moved my lab at work the week we moved to the new place. So it’s been moving, moving everywhere. I’m not nearly as thrilled with the lab move, but I don’t get a choice in these things, so I’ll have to make do.
My friend and co-worker Sharon had a happy, healthy big baby girl last Wednesday, so welcome little Stephanie Elise. I’ll post photos once I get a chance to have them at home to post.
Other than getting settled in the new place (an on-going process, I assure you), we’ve not been up to too much. We spent a wonderful, relaxing President’s Day long weekend visiting with friends in Pennsylvannia. It was just what we needed after the hecticness of moving. No particular place we *had* to go, and nothing we *had* to do. We’re trying to decide if we go to Conneticut next weekend for a gaming convention, but I think we’ve pretty much decided against it. It’s just too much money to justify.
Especially when we’re trying to decide on where to go this summer. My hopes for a trip to Hawaii were dashed when work nixed my attendance at the conference I wanted to attend (and nixed it solely based on where it was, even the VP said it was absolutely a great conference I SHOULD attend… just next year when it’s somewhere less exotic… NOT FAIR!) . It would have been nice but there’s no way we’re going all the way out there totally on our own finances. Any suggestions from folks out there on where to go instead, hopefully within a day or so’s drive from here? Keep in mind that it’ll be August, so summer weather and traffic must be remembered.
Oh, and my great boss quit. Can't say much about it right now, but might post more later. Lets just say it's an interesting time for me at work right now.
Happy Birthday to my mom, it was on Saturday. And I didn't even forget!

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