Thursday, January 27, 2005

Finally an update!

Okay, okay, so it’s been a while. I’ve sat down several times to write an update and always get interrupted. Life is crazy right now. We had an awesome trip home at Christmas (more on that later), then came back and had to get set to move in a month. Oh, and my office at work is moving. And we’re still running games twice a week. And I’m sick as a dog. And…and…and… So yes, as usual, life is hectic for us. Christmas was a wonderful trip. We stayed with my sister Bonnie and her (almost) 3 year old daughter, Madison. Madison received a hamster for Christmas from Santa. And was she ever excited. She spent the next 5 minutes bouncing in front of the cage, (ignoring the other million gifts under the tree) asking mom if she could really keep the hamster and if he was all hers. Actually, asking if she could keep the “dustbunny”. Madison’s class has a pet hamster that is named Dustbunny, so that’s what she thinks they should all be called. It was so much fun watching at my parents’ later in the day as she excitedly told everyone about her bestest present, a dustbunny, and mom was going to let her keep it! And then watching peoples’ faces as they tried to figure it out. And helping a little for those who couldn’t. I also got to meet my ‘little’ brother’s new girlfriend. I liked her from what little I saw, and I trust John. Then we drove to Toronto to visit with Brian’s family and meet our new niece (who I am informed was born at 3:29 am, Thank You Very Much :) ). We spent a wonderful afternoon with them and Alison and I had a good talk. Natasha is a wonderful bundle of snuggles. I was lucky enough to get to hold her immediately after a snack and a fresh diaper so she went right to sleep in my arms. It was wonderful. Then we dug the car out and drove back to my parents for a late dinner, which was nice and quiet and calm. We spent Boxing Day visiting with Elizabeth and Morley (Brian’s sister and brother-in-law) and our friends AJ and Carla. And Brian got into the eggnog. Or, more specifically, into the RUM & eggnog. And that night at my sister’s there was an extra 3 year old trying to get ready for bed!

Then we went up to Sudbury for a few days. We stayed at Becky’s new place. How ironic is it that my best friend the teacher had moved into an apartment in a “repurposed” school? The place is great though, and huge. I’m so jealous. A place like that here would run you over $2000/month. We got to see Becky’s family, Tammy, Nick and her parents, Amanda and Trisha, and even got to meet Todd’s new girlfriend Sue. And Tom stayed in Sudbury an extra day so we could see him before he headed back to Ottawa. That was awesome. And Becky pushed Brian into a snowbank, and I got a great reaction shot that I’ll have to post online. It was a busy couple of days, but well worth the extra driving.

I’m going to post this now as I have more packing I have to do tonight. Packing all day at work and then coming home and packing in the evening sucks. I’d really recommend against it!

Oh, and I have a new addiction. A wonderful friend (that’s you Saul!) just provided me with Fraggle Rock on CD. I’m having such fun watching them. It really brings back memories, good memories. And another one (Paul… these names are too similar, my head hurts!!!!) has addicted me to Farscape.

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